AFTER reading today's (20/10/20) letters, I was surprised to see that those who voted to remain are still bemoaning their lot.

Mr. Kyrle, who is able to quote numbers and percentages at the drop of a hat, still maintains that the result of the vote was "Highly marginal".

That maybe the case, but the result of the vote was that a majority of voters exercised their right to vote, and in doing so voted to leave the EU.

Their reasons are peculiar to them, and I am sure they voted for what they thought was in their best interests.

The operative word in all of this is "majority".

No matter how large or small, a majority is a majority.

Had the vote been as close and was in favour of remain, that would have also been a majority.

Unfortunately for the "Remainers" it wasn't.

So instead of continuing the endless dialogue of should we or shouldn't we, accept the result and work to make sure that the country prospers under it's soon to be new mantle.

George Birkett