FAMILIES of Southampton students who flouted coronavirus restrictions have been fined £200 each.

Police say pupils at St Anne's Catholic School breached the Rule of Six in the car park - and were too slow to move on when officers told them to disperse.

The school has now written a letter to the parents of all students.

It says: "We have been contacted by local police community support officers. They came across a group of St Anne's students in the car park after school this afternoon in a group larger than 6 and when asked to disperse were slow to do so.

"As a result they have decided to fine the families of these children £200 each.

"They asked us to pass on to all families that this has happened to underline the severity of breaching the rule of 6 in public places."

The letter adds: "At the end of the school day we have been asking students to move on quickly."