WITH the pandemic, a lot of people are working from home meaning less opportunity to go outside.

One activity that doesn't take up too much time, is Covid secure and good exercise, is walking.

Whilst events have been cancelled across the region, walks are very much still available.

Below are some of the best walks if you live in Test Valley:

Daily Echo:

1. The Test Way

This is a 44-mile long hike that takes you from the chalk downs at Inkpen, all the way down the River Test to Eling.

It is divided into eight sections to offer a choice of which one you want to tackle.

The walk passes through some of Hampshire's most historical villages and offers many places to stop on the way for refreshments.

Views of the wildlife and plantlife are on offer here, as you cross over the river multiple times on the journey.

Daily Echo:

2. Faccombe

This walk starts from roadside parking at Ashmansworth making it easily accessible.

It then heads North to Wayfarer's Walk before turning South to Faccombe returning to the roadside parking.

It is 6 miles long and offers some hilly sections if you're after the exercise more than anything else.

If you fancy a drink on this walk, the Jack Russell Public House is on route.

Daily Echo:

3. Wildhern

This walk is a bit shorter but good if you only have a few hours to kill.

It begins and ends at Tangley Wildhern Village Hall and follows systems of fields, woodland and passes past derelict farm buildings.

Views of the village and its surrounding area are on offer on the 2.5 mil long route.

It is mostly made up of tracks and village roads making it quite easy going if you've been stuck in the house for a while.

Daily Echo:

4. Abbotts Ann

Abbotts Ann walk starts at the church car park and is about 4 miles long.

The route follows tracks and paths around the village and even takes in an ancient drove.

A field on route contains the site of a Roman Villa, with mosaics from the site housed in the British Museum.

There are two restaurants close by if you want to take a much needed break as walking can be hungry work.

Daily Echo:

5. Romsey

More central to the town, there is a lot more going on with this walk with a range of shops and cafes in the centre of Romsey.

It starts at the Tourist Information Office on Church Street and runs for just over 3 miles passing by the Redbridge and Andover canal.

Views of the town life, a lake and river are available with the route stretching to the outskirts of Romsey before doing a loop and returning back.

It is easily accessible with train stations and bus stations located very close by to the start point.