SCHOOLS have been praised for their Covid response despite having the most cases.

Schools across the Hampshire have been reporting Covid cases directly to the county council, who run an online list of all the schools with positive tests.

Eastleigh schools have had the most cases in the region according to the Hampshire County Council data.

Despite this however, Eastleigh MP, Paul Holmes feels that the virus is being controlled successfully in schools.

He said: “Since the start of term there have been 14 positive cases of COVID in Eastleigh schools in total, representing nine per cent of total cases across all Hampshire schools.

“Given that there are over 20,000 students attending schools across Eastleigh, this number is remarkably low and is testament to the professionalism and expertise of our teachers.

“The measures put in place have been successful in controlling the virus.

“This is a tremendous achievement and I would like to pay tribute to all teaching staff.”

With winter fast approaching, Eastleigh Borough Councillor and County Councillor Keith House feels that a lockdown is needed to control the spread.

He said: “Covid cases are now inevitably reaching schools due to the higher levels of infection in the community.

“The numbers will vary from place to place and somewhere that is higher one week may be lower the next.

“Our schools are working hard to reduce case transmission but now must be the time to consider in England, as Wales has announced, a two-week lockdown to reverse the progress of Covid.”