AN ISLE-of-Wight MP has confirmed that the ongoing 'hijacking' incident in the Solent would be treated as “marine counter-terrorism”.

Bob Seely, Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight, said the incident would be treated as a “marine counter-terrorism” incident and a meeting of the government Cobra emergency committee would be held to discuss the response.

He said he expected specialist units to be scrambled to handle the situation.

It comes as police and coastguard teams are dealing with an incident on board the Liberian-registered Nave Andromeda crude oil tanker south of Sandown.

The incident is currently underway onboard the Nave Andromeda vessel, which was due to arrive in Southampton this morning.

Bob Seely said to Sky News: “Despite being told not to drop anchor, the skipper has dropped anchor and the ship may be now under the control of stowaways on the ship.

“I suspect because of the nature of this it will be treated as marine counter-terrorism and the number of people in the UK who do that are very limited and the relevant units will be looking at options no doubt as to what we could be doing.”

Southampton MP Royston Smith described the incident as shocking.

He told a Daily Echo reporter: "This is a shocking incident particularly so close to home.

"I know our emergency services will be handling this in the professional way they always do and my thoughts are with those crew members who are on the ship.

"I hope this situation is brought to a safe and successful conclusion as quickly as possible.”

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