SOUTHAMPTON residents have expressed their frustration as ground water keeps flooding their homes and local park.

Swaythling resident Ian Reeves has told of how flooding in the area has become so bad that his family once had to leave their home for four months.

The flood water is coming from Daisy Dip, a recreational ground in Swaythling, and is flooding the front gardens and homes of those who live nearby.

Mr Reeves told the Daily Echo that the flooding has been happening for years.

He explained how his home backs onto Daisy Dip and often has water running though his garden.

In 2018, the flooding was so bad that him and his family were forced to flee their house for four months.

The flooding caused so much damage that the floorboards had to be ripped up and plaster stripped off the walls.

He said: “The houses that back onto Daisy Dip have running water through their gardens, [In] 2018 our houses flooded.

“[We were] out of the house for four months whilst the floorboards were up and plaster stripped to waist height on the entirety of the ground floor.”

Now the local residents are calling on the City Council to put more measures in place to prevent the flooding from happening.

Mr Reeves added: “Now we have bought a water pump to pump the water into a drain before our house floods again.

“[We] worry every time it rains - Southampton City Council need to dig a storm drain to redirect the flow - this problem will not get better.

“A great new play area has been built in Daisy Dip but our gardens are flooding, we need pumps in the garden to stop the houses flooding.”

Swaythling councillor Lorna Fielker explained that a new park is currently being built in the recreational ground.

She said that part of the plans for the park include a new drainage system, which she hopes will help solve the flooding issue.

She said: “It’s such a shame. My hopes are that we get the play park open.

“I’m grateful to everyone who has been a part of this, especially Friends of Daisy Dip.”