A HAMPSHIRE woman who was found dead on a beach took her own life, with the coroner suggesting that the national lockdown may have played a part.

Natalie Langham's body was discovered on Lepe Beach by a passer-by at just after 8am on March 30 - just seven days after the country was told to "stay at home" due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Winchester Coroners' Court was told that the 45-year-old was seen on CCTV arriving at the beauty spot at 5.11am on the same day, before making her way into the sea.

She was prounced dead at the scene by emergency workers, with an investigation concluding that she had died by drowning.

The inquest heard that Natalie, who lived on her own, was becoming anxious about the measure put in place by the Government, as well as the prospect of working from home.

Family members at the hearing yesterday said they had started to worry after she expressed these feelings of anxiety to them.

Her father Bruce Langham said that this worry may have built on other worries she had voiced including that of her health and a want for a relationship.

He added: "I don't think she could see the light at te end of the tunnel; I think she really did feel the isolation [of lockdown]."

But, they said the keen hockey player, swimmer, and charity event organiser would "always look on the bright side of life"

Coroner Jason Pegg said that from the evidence heard in court, it was clear she meant to take her own life.

He recorded a conclusion of suicide.

He added that "The lockdown contributed to her death".