A LANDOWNER is set to build three new houses in Waltham Chase – despite the village already being "full to the brim".

Winchester City Council planning committee approved John Huddlestone's plans to erect the dwellings behind Jubilee Cottage in Winchester Road.

Shedfield parish councillor Margaret Jones, who represents the village, told members that the infrastructure was already struggling to cope.

She said: "Winchester City Council planned to build 250 new houses in Waltham Chase between 2011 and 2031.

"To date, 264 have already been built with a further 16 approved. But there has been no increase or improvements to our infrastructure.

"Lately we have been experiencing power cuts and sewage leaks, and there are no new schools or GP surgeries.

"Quite frankly, we are full to the brim. Three more houses is overdoing it."

The application received 22 public objections.

Local resident Margaret Richards also raised concerns over vehicle access to the proposed properties.

She said:" I have concern regarding interference with my vehicle access to the entrance which is at the end of my rear garden, accessed from the main road over the single driveway.

"Particularly if a pump or other equipment is installed in the driveway for the purpose of drainage and it breaks down, the access way may be blocked for an indefinite period.

"This would cause my property to be landlocked."

Committee members unanimously voted to approve the scheme, as they could not find a valid planning reason to refuse them.

Chairman Cllr Therese Evans said: "This is a very difficult one. I'm surprised the county council Highways team has not raised any objections over the safety of the access.

"But there is no planning reason we can use to turn this down."

Cllr Russell Gordon-Smith added: "To be honest the current site is a mess and think housing is not the worst choice.

"But I do feel these plans seem rather crammed in."