HAMPSHIRE businesses looking to reduce the use of plastics are being invited to join a webinar hosted by NatWest.

The digital event, called Towards A Plastic Revolution, will take place next Monday, November 2.

It will feature guests speakers Steve Fletcher, professor of ocean policy and economy at Portsmouth University, and Simon Terry, managing director of the global lighting designer and manufacturer Anglepoise.

Professor Fletcher is an expert in plastic waste reduction.

Writing for the Australian Times recently, he warned that if nothing was done, the amount of plastic entering the ocean would triple from 13million tonnes this year to 29m tonnes by 2040.

Seafood is the main source of protein for 70 per cent of the world’s popualtion, meaning humans are likely to be ingesting plastic as more of it enters the food chain.

Portsmouth-headquartered Angelpoise is already on a mission to reduce its use of plastics under Simon Terry’s leadership.

The webinar will cover the themes of Reducing, Reusing and Leading.

The event is aimed at providing insights which businesses can use to begin or improve their own plastic reduction journey.

Mairead Taylor, regional director at NatWest, said: “In order to help drive the UK transition to a low carbon economy, it takes bold actions, which is why we are trying to lead the way.

“That means supporting businesses too, which is why events like the Towards A Plastic Revolution are so important.

“During the past decade we have been the biggest lender to the UK renewables sector, and recently issued our first green bond,” she added.

“We want to provide wrap-around support to help businesses move to greener ways of working.

“That makes for a brighter future and stronger economy, which can only be a good thing.”

NatWest Group has said it intends to be a leading bank on the issue of climate change. It has set itself the goal of becoming climate positive by 2025 as it looks to help businesses throughout the UK follow a similar path.

To register for a place at this free event, which starts at 9.30am on November 2 visit https://bit.ly/2HuLOiw