ELEVEN stowaways including a pregnant woman have been detained after being discovered at Southampton Docks.

Police were called at 11.25am yesterday after eleven Albanian nationals were located in Dock Gate 4, Cunard Road, and the group were detained at the port for alleged immigration offences.

One pregnant woman was taken to hospital and a 17-year-old boy was being transferred into the care of children’s services.

It is understood that Salome arrived at Southampton Docks at about 7.30am yesterday and it is due to depart the city at 4pm today.

Border Force are said to be investigating the incident.

The incident comes just days after armed forces boarded a Southampton-bound ship and arrested seven people following a suspected attempted hijacking.

The Nave Andromeda vessel, which had travelled from Lagos, Nigeria, but an exclusion zone was set up around the ship off the coast of Sandown on the Isle of Wight.

MP for Southampton Test, Alan Whitehead, said: “There’s an interesting connection here with the seven stowaways that were on the vessel that was taken over the other day.

“I think this indicates stowaways have been getting onto ships for quite a long time and this is not a new thing.

“With Southampton being a port, to which ships come to from all over the world, there is a big issue about security port side at the other end.

“This is an ongoing issue where port security is concerned and I know it is something that port security take seriously so good for them on this occasion.”

MP for Southampton, Itchen, Royston Smith, said: “I’m pleased they have been detained and they will now have to go through the process of why they were here and what they were trying to do.

“Albanians are not likely to be able to claim political asylum, because they are not coming from a country that is considered dangerous.

“It would appear, a straightforward economic migrant issue and they will no doubt be dealt with accordingly.”

A spokesperson for Associated British Ports said: “We are aware that the incident involving stowaways on the vessel MV Salome has now been resolved.

“ABP continues to support relevant government agencies with their investigations and is working with the shipping company and owners as required.”