We all love a good restaurant to share a plate of food and a laugh.

Since reopening their doors we've been steadily showing our support by eating out - and saved ourselves some washing up in the process.

We asked our Facebook group, We Grew Up In Southampton, what restaurants from the past they miss the most.

Dozens of food lovers responded, each of them eager to share their memories.

Scroll down to see if your favourite is among them.

La Margherita

Daily Echo:

This Italian restuarant was originally located in Commercial Road before moving to Town Quay.

The venue was known to have been frequented by Saints players as well as stars passing through while performing at The Mayflower Theatre nearby.

Los Marinos

Daily Echo:

Part of the old Ocean Village complex, this restaurant overlooked the water.

Like quite a few on this list, Los Marinos was a popular destination for drinks in the evening.


Daily Echo:

An old classic that was in East Street for many years.

This place was popular for evening meals as well as lunchtime bites.


Daily Echo:

Located next to Nick's (above) on East Street, Christina's was a family run greek and english restaurant.

The venue served the community for many years before being closing in recent years.

Buffalo Bills

Daily Echo:

Buffalo Bills was a popular choice for those who liked meat.

This American style restaurant, located on Commercial Road, was popular for its grill, serving up large plates of ribs, steaks, wings, burgers and more.

Bouzy Rouge

Daily Echo:

Tucked away down an alleyway near Southampton’s Bargate was a quaint, cosy little restaurant called Bouzy Rouge.

Although it had a French sounding name the menu boasted an eclectic mix of European influences.


Daily Echo:

Everyone loves a Wimpy!

This old burger joint with table service was in London Road and another was on the High Street.

The Old Oriental

Daily Echo:

The Old Oriental, situated on Queens Terrace, was a pub that also served food.

The venue was also a popular venue for revellers drinking on a night out.