Could Tudor House Museum in Bugle Street be the most haunted building in Hampshire?

The museum is one of Southampton's older buildings, dating from the 15th Century. It is thought to be haunted.

Police at one time would have to make regular stops at the building because locals were constantly reporting intruders after seeing lights on in the building and shadows passing by the windows. Every single time the police arrived to investigate they found no sign of a break-in, but lights were on when they should not have been.

Eventually, a medium was brought in and decided the culprit was a bored spirit. She left a ball which vanished, but the lights stayed off.

However, that was not the end of the paranormal activity at The Tudor House Museum which remains one of the most haunted buildings in Hampshire.

More recently modern technology was used to access the the level of paranormal activity when thermal imaging equipment picked up a man sitting in a chair.

Staff say there is one room which dogs refuse to enter and apparitions are regularly witnessed while many visitors have reported seeing figures crossing rooms and walking through bricked up doorways.