SEVEN men have been bailed following an investigation into a suspected 'hijacking' incident on board a vessel off the Isle of Wight.

The men have been bailed for their part in the maritime security incident that took place on board the Nave Andromeda off the coast of the Isle of Wight on Sunday, October 25.

The seven arrested men, who are all Nigerian nationals, have subsequently been bailed in relation to the criminal investigation whilst investigators continue their enquiries, but will now remain detained under Border Force powers.

It comes after police confirmed a major security incident on board a vessel off the Isle of Wight following reports of an attempted "hijacking" of an oil tanker.

At 10.04am on Sunday concerns were raised to police for the welfare of crew on board the Nave Andromeda.

The ship had been due to dock at Southampton Docks that morning, having sailed from Lagos in Nigeria.

Military assistance was requested, and specialist crews boarded the ship. The incident was over within seven minutes of their intervention.