A WINCHESTER start-up company is looking to help the world by tackling the climate crisis and pollution.

Carbon Kapture claims it has a "secret weapon" to tackle pollution, which is hidden along shorelines and in the ocean.

The answer - they claim - is kelp.

The aim is to combat the climate crisis by extracting carbon from the atmosphere through kelp farms.

The company explained that kelp could feed humans and live stock as well as being useful in bio plastics, medicine and cosmetics.

“Kelp is such an underrated product,” said managing director Howard Gunstock.

“Not only can it feed us and our animals, but it’s used in bio plastics, medicine, cosmetics and is also leading the way in the fight against dementia.

“Our goal is to have a global network of kelp farms extracting millions of tons of carbon from the ocean and atmosphere by 2030.”

Kelp is a seaweed that grows thirty times faster than trees and is highly efficient at storing carbon.

Mr Gunstock is working alongside learning and development strategist and Dave Walker-Nix.

The pair met in Winchester at the screening of Climate Race in 2019.

They are currently Crowdfunding to purchase a number of UK farms before the end of the year.

Mr Gunstock added: “As a start-up funding is a key part of our success to get started with our first set of farms.

“The insight we have received is streets ahead of the consultancies I have worked with in my career.

"We believe, from a strategic perspective, it gives us an edge that only a very few organisations in any industry have.”

Carbon Kapture’s goal is for a global network of farms by 2030.