PATIENTS have awarded a Southampton hospital top marks.

Since March the team at Practice Plus Group Hospital Southampton have changed the way the hospital operates to support the local NHS trust and its patients through the pandemic while reintroducing and maintaining elective treatment.

Throughout October the hospital was scored by 523 patients, 99.8 per cent of whom would recommend it to their family and friends. Its dental service, inpatient ward and outpatient department all achieved a score of 100 per cent.

All providers of health care are required to carry out the Family and Friends Test as part of the NHS’ commitment to improving the patient experience.

The results of the test rest on the level to which a patient would recommend a health care facility to their nearest and dearest.

Madelein Donson, Head of Nursing and Clinical Services at Practice Plus Group Hospital Southampton, commented: “My thanks go to our patients who took the time to complete the FFT survey, and to my colleagues who have maintained exceptional standards of care while rising to unique challenges.”