A NUISANCE caller threatened to murder, blow up and cut the heads off police officers.

Tristan Spencer bombarded Hampshire police with 27 abusive phone calls.

Between April 6 and 8 this year, he threatened he would find out where officers live and even blow them up.

The 28-year-old used his mobile phone and a phone in Church Street, Southampton to harass emergency call-takers.

Daily Echo: Church Street, SouthamptonChurch Street, Southampton

However, police were eventually able to trace and arrest Spencer of Wordsworth Road, a court heard.

During an interview, he said he felt angry at the government for taking his tax.

He claimed he did not like the police because they also use his tax money.

However, he “never intended to carry out the threats but understood that what he said could make them [the police] feel harassed, alarmed or distressed”.

After the police interview and having been charged he said the call-takers found it funny.  Just over a month later he was stopped riding a motorbike without a licence or insurance on Central Bridge on May 18.

He told officers he had not got round to it because of covid and had been dealing with lots of other things. 

Daily Echo: Spencer threatened emergency workersSpencer threatened emergency workers

Spencer appeared at Southampton Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday charged with communication conveying a threatening message and also driving a motorbike without insurance or a licence.

He was previously slapped with a caution for malicious communications in 2017.

The magistrates’ Chair, Mrs Karen Denyer-Hampton said: “These people were doing their jobs. They do not expect to be threatened and abused.”

He was slapped with a 12-month community order and must complete 50 hours of unpaid work.

Spencer must pay £85 court costs, £90 victim surcharge, and a £50 fine.

His licence has been endorsed with eight points.