WITH this 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish and the 1966 Lotus Cortina we previously featured in Me and My Motor, Iain Blair from Fair Oak believes he has the ultimate two car garage!

Jeremy Clarkson might have been allowed to drive the Lotus on the Grand Tour, but it's rare anyone other than Iain gets their hands on the Aston, which he describes as a 'dream come true'.

Once long distance travel is back on the agenda, Iain is keen to get the Aston out of the garage and take it on some road trips to the West Country, Brecon Beacons, Yorkshire and Scotland. A trip to the Nurburgring in Germany has even been mooted, another wonderful experience made possible by his cars.

Iain told the Daily Echo: "Cars have given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people that share experiences, stories and memorable moments in their lives.

"Some cars are part of the family, part of the furniture and I have personally been in tears watching cars I have sold that looking back I really shouldn’t have. That’s what cars mean to people."

He won't be selling either car any time soon. The 1966 Lotus Cortina will never be sold as long as Iain lives. But, if he did decide to part with the Aston Martin, it would replace it with something really special.

Having owned some of the best performance cars around, including BMW M3s, 4s and 5s and Escort RS Cosworths, Iain's next car would have to be either a newer model Aston or possibly a McLaren.

Iain is supported in his enthusiasm by a whole family of petrolheads.

He added: "Every Christmas, I am the easiest person to buy for in the family - its always car cleaning equipment! I’m teased and well known for going to far with my cars in the past, I park as far away from everyone else as I can, you can only get in if your shoes are clean! Generally, we are a family of car lovers so they are nearly as bad as me!

Iain likes nothing more than a drive around the Hampshire Nurburgring on a Sunday - Bishops Waltham, Corhampton, West Meon, Winchester then back to Bishops Waltham.

He is also involved in the Concorde Classics car shows.

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