I have no doubt in the integrity of our armed forces.

I do have concerns with our present Conservative government's scant regard for our nation's democracy.

Illegally proroguing parliament and shutting down our democratic system for months, bringing in legislation to break international law and sticking two fingers up at the nation's highest law court when found guilty on all counts.

This spells in my view the behaviour of a tinpot junta.

We now have two thousand troops in the streets of Liverpool handing out Covid test kits and performing nasal and throat swab tests. Why?

Liverpool has many thousands of fully qualified and able citizens sitting under lockdown conditions perfectly capable of carrying out all these functions and so does the city of Southampton.

I urge our city leaders to reject the offer of government military forces in our city streets and make preparations to do the job ourselves with civilians.

The other advantage of keeping adequate troops in the barracks is the very likely possibility of a no deal Brexit chaos exploding in the Tory government's face.

They will certainly need them to prevent public protest hammering on parliaments and no 10's doors. I will be certainly among them. At the front preferably.


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