With Joe Biden as President Elect and Kamala Harris as the Vice President Elect, I have been able to exhale after holding my breath for four years.

As former State of Delaware residents, my wife and I have a personal connection with the President Elect.

It seems odd now that I am the only person in my family and circle of friends who has never met Joe.

I'm sorry in Delaware we only know him as Joe.

Because in Delaware if someone starts a conversation with, "I was in the Mass (or in the store) and Joe said...", you knew who they were talking about.

The last four years have been very hard on me watching American democracy attacked from within and the republic erode.

My family fought in the war of American Independence and I served to preserve that American democracy.

I can think of no man more qualified, equipped with human dignity, and right to heal the country.

My wife and I relocated and settled in Hamble-le-Rice this year to be close to our daughter who lives in London.

The pandemic has kept us from fully immersing our selves in the community.

What a great place to live.

I look forward to being able to converse with those I greet with: "Good morning." along the Hamble Rail Trail when I jog by in the morning.

I can say this with confidence now: We have a great future on the horizon.

Stay Safe,

Capt Rob Wagner