My wife has a problem with one of her eyes so we drove over to our surgery to see what could be done.

Upon enquiring of the receptionist if she may see someone about the problem, she was asked what the problem was.

Upon receiving the cause of the interruption, the receptionist informed my wife that the surgery does not do anything connected to eyes because of Covid19 and she must go to one of the opticians named on her list, who turned out to be uncooperative.

The local pharmacist gave my wife some drops to put in but they seem to be ineffectual.

Getting a doctor's appointment is nigh on impossible these days (unless you want to wait about a fortnight - by which time who knows what could be the outcome?).

But we must persevere I suppose.

But the question arises if I had badly gashed my leg would they refuse me medical treatment because they don't do gashed legs what with the problem of all the blood and Covid19?

Answers on a bandage please...

Jeff Davis

Chandler's Ford