A MAN who drove down a Hampshire street shouting "wakey wakey" through a megaphone has been found by police. 

During the last week, residents of Brockhurst Road in Gosport have complained to police as a man disturbed the peace on various mornings.

The driver, from Fareham, were heard screaming "wakey wakey" through a megaphone at 2am on the street last week.

On one occasion, the 21-year-old man and his passengers were heard shouting "you can't the call police because you can't see us" while driving his red Nissan Navara with the lights off. 

Now, police have caught up to him.

The driver was issued with a section 59 warning (Police Reform Act 2002) yesterday. 

In a post on Facebook, a spokesperson from Gosport Police said: "While generally annoying residents who were trying to sleep, the male, from Fareham, was also seen turning off his lights and shouting, 'you can't the call police because you can't see us.' How wrong he was.

"Our Response & Patrol colleagues caught up with him yesterday and issued him with a section 59 warning (Police Reform Act 2002). 

"In short, if he does similar in the next 12 months, his vehicle will be seized, even if a different vehicle to the one driven on this occasion.

"If you witness this male doing the same, please call us and quote incident number 44200439605, so we can remove his vehicle from him."