BRAVO Labour Councillor Barry Margetts for the council meeting motion you have tabled calling “on the government to commit to fully fund holiday food provision for every child on free school meals in Southampton for the next three years” ,

It demonstrates the type of leadership needed to help the over “9000 children [who] now depend on free school meals” in Southampton.

Contrast this to the motion tabled by the Tory group leader Councillor Fitzhenry, viz: “A successful city needs visible and accountable political leadership, as such this Council regrets the lack of political leadership from the current Executive.”

Their own city MP has shown their leadership by voting in Parliament to reject the direct funding of School Meals proposed by the Labour Party last month.

Can we now expect the Tory Group to further endorse that leadership by voting against Councillor Margett’s motion?

Yours sincerely

David Smith

55 Woodcote Road


SO17 3TF