I read a letter from a lady to Fiona (Daily Echo health column on November 10) regarding her niece and talking about funeral arrangements.

What a poignant letter that lady wrote to the Echo.

I'm the same age as that lady healthy and pretty fit, also I hope not to be leaving this world too soon either.

Fiona's reply was top notch I think.

My family and friends know exactly what I want when I leave this world.

I've spoken about it and do so quite frequently.

Happily in fact!

Because, unfortunately we may not know when our time to go will come.

Whoever knew 2020 would be such a sad upsetting year.

I'm sure this lady has been to funerals, maybe even had to arrange some.

Did she know what that departed person wanted?

Please lady, bake a humble pie, make a cup of tea and invite your dear niece and family over.

Have a box of tissues on the table, and talk.

If you find that too difficult to start with, write a letter to your niece, pour your heart out to her.

As Fiona said, I'm reading also, that your niece cares very much for you.

You can write to Fiona and the Echo, please do it to the person who loves you.

I wonder why you are so hurt and afraid to talk about the most important thing that will happen to us all.

I am not an over religious person by the way.

I wish you all the very best and hope you have a good reunion with your family.

Jill Matthews