I LIVE in Bitterne Village and the residents here have been plagued by fireworks that have gone off every day some as late as 10pm and frequently at 12.30 at night since the last three weeks.

Many people like myself have panicked animals (some of our pets have died of fright) and they scare the elderly and people with PTSD.

They also have a bad effect on wildlife and of course animals in zoos and rescue centres are having a terrible time.

In in one case they fell on someone's conservatory roof and started a fire involving the fire brigade.

The contribution of fireworks on air pollution is well documented and even China has banned them and uses drones.

Spain uses silent fireworks in cities and the same is being discussed in Germany.

It does not help that stores like The Range, Aldi and Lidl peddle half price fireworks for months on end.

Whilst many people do not like fireworks they are prepared to put up with them on the November 5 and New Year's Eve.

My husband who has to get up early in the morning has not had a night's uninterrupted sleep since it started and the same is true of other key workers.

Our MP as always does not want to do anything and nor does Southampton City Council.

Petra Black