A WELL-known former Winchester antiques dealer has died suddenly, aged 58.

John Corbett, a father of six, who lived near Bishop's Waltham, died of a brain aneurysm last month.

Many tributes have been paid to the universally-liked man "with a huge passion for life" who had worked in the antiques trade all his life. He ran shops in Winchester including on Stockbridge Road, Fulflood, and on the Chesil Street, as well as in Stockbridge.

An online fund set up in his memory has reached £35,000 with nearly 200 people making donations.

John and his wife Tors ran several businesses from their cottage on Damson Hill, Dundridge.

Tors runs open-air workouts, pilates sessions and hosts yoga classes, parties, events and relaxation days at the house they renovated together.

Close family friend Lydia Westwood set up the online fundraiser which will help keep the family in the cottage.

The funeral was held in the woodland around the cottage. Lydia said: "It was a beautifully executed celebration of his life, at home with live music and stunning flowers decorating the deck, John would have enjoyed the event which showcased his home. Everyone that attended in the oil-lantern filled grounds of the cottage wore a hat to pay homage to his uniquely sartorial style!"

She added: "As hard as it is to accept, John is no longer with us. At least, not in body. But you only have to step into Damson Hill Cottage to know that he'll always be there in spirit.

"Tors has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from John's friends and family these past few days.

"Everyone's memories of John share a common theme: they tell of a brilliant, eccentric maverick, a man with huge passion for life, an appreciation for beauty in the smallest things, the ability to tell a marvellous story, and constant joy and gratitude for what he had: his home, his children and his wife. He was enormously proud to have them all. He deserved them. They deserved him.

"John would want his family to remain in the house that he has built for them, so this fund is in his memory. Let's take care of his family for him, as he would have wished."

To donate, go to gf.me/u/y39b8y