So we all notice this lockdown is not beint taken as seriously as last, why?

One minute it’s ok, all normal except few areas and I've have heard lot of people say it's centred on Manchester and Liverpool.

Down south, it’s safe, we are ok.

Traffic is as busy as ever, and I have passed one police car this week.

Perhaps they have been furloughed?

I know most people are carrying on as normal but why are certain places more affected?

Why did Italian hospitals make headlines in March here but no hospital horrors shown here on news to drive message home?

How about contact tracing? Why is it when a teacher has Covid and pupils are sent home, the entire household of the children can continue their business?

Is the UK, for a tiny island, coming to realise that our politeness and respect for authority/professionals be questioned?

It’s a political toy for sure.

The politicians can argue over rights and wrongs of Covid as with any topic but the facts remain.

If the government want us to see the seriousness, then show the evidence - we are respectful and polite.

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