A HAMPSHIRE massage therapist has developed her own brand of handmade body balms and oils so her clients can feel fabulous all the time.

Pat Maguire from Chandlers Ford has been delivering sports and remedial massage and aromatherapy for 20 years.

She has a special interest in pain management and three years ago, decided to create a muscle and joint balm to help her clients manage those achy muscles in between treatments.

It worked so well that clients asked for more products and the Pat Maguire Natural Body Balms & Oils range now includes face oils, massage oils, hand and foot balms.

Pat told the Daily Echo: "Following the success of my first muscle body balm, I now have a range of natural body balms and oils made using my own unique recipes. The products are completely made from scratch using only natural ingredients. I am involved in the whole process of weighing, measuring, pouring and labelling each product.

"I am passionate about providing people the opportunity to help reduce the toxicity levels from using products containing synthetic chemicals and use more natural products on the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and although waterproof, the skin can absorb small chemicals. Aromatherapy Essential Oils contain natural chemicals that can be absorbed easily through the skin in a positive way. My products are gentle, and nourishing with lasting benefits.

"My products have proven really popular with people - I get lots of feedback to say that they’ve helped relieve pain in the joints or muscles. All products are in recyclable glass jars and bottles and eco friendly packaging. None of the products or ingredients are tested on animals.

"Due to the quality of each product only a small amount is needed so, as well as the benefits of the balms and oils to the body, they are also value for money.

"As well as good for the body, my products which contain essential oils like Chamomile, have a calming effect on the mind too."

As a massage therapist, Covid-19 has had a major impact on Pat's business. She has not been able to see clients for much of 2020, but the break from the norm has given her the opportunity to rebrand her range of oils and balms.

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