As reported in yesterday’s Echo, on-line, the M27, J3 was completely shut due to severe flooding, meaning that travellers heading westbound had to come off at the slip road, up and over the roundabout and rejoin the motorway.

Whilst I understand the reason for the closure I cannot understand why the highway officers didn’t do more to help the congestion.

I was caught in the tailback at about 1pm, and started queuing past Rownhams services.

When I eventually came off at the slip road it was evident that the phasing of the traffic lights was hindering the flow.

Surely the highway officers, there were at least two of them just watching the queue get longer, could have got out of their lovely warm vehicle and maybe directed the traffic past the traffic lights to increase the flow, therefore reducing the tailback, as the lights were red for quite a bit of the time letting just a handful of cars by, coming from the M271N direction.

A bit of thought wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Richard Kingdon

Dibden Purlieu