PIZZA eating rabbit Oregano is among the animals featured today. 
We also take a look at three mollycoddled moggies and six pampered pooches of all shapes and sizes from across Hampshire.
Shih tzu Dolly Daydream loves a dip in the sea, but absolutely hates having a bath and Yorkshire Terrier Penny swims with the geese at Riverside Park. 
Your pets are once again taking centre stage in the Daily Echo’s weekly column showing off the beloved companions of our readers. 
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  • ENGLISH Silver Fox rabbit Oregano has tried to eat bicycle grease, pizza and plastic among other snacks. He has also survived biting through the Christmas tree lights and a dog attack.
  • SHIH TZU Dolly, known as Dolly Daydream loves playing with the hose in her paddling pool, paddling in the river and swimming in the sea yet hates the bath! She is from a local breeder. 
  • VERONICA the Rottweiller is more softy than scary. 
    Her special talent is being dopey. 
  • SIAMESE Lilac Point Tara is a true Champion. 
    The 12-year-old has performed well at various cat shows. 
  • GERMAN shorthaired pointer Jenson is homebred and one of four dogs. He likes long walks in the New Forest and sitting on your feet! 
  • THREE-year-old Larsson is mainly a super chilled cat, but she is a decent hunter, bringing birds, mice and grasshoppers home as gifts. 
  • CAVALIER King Charles Gracie is a rescue dog and her family love her to bits. The four-year-old is very loveable and caring. 
  • THIS is four-year-old Cairn Terrier Danny Willet, the very proud looking pet of Joshua Digweed.
  • YORKSHIRE Terrier Penny enjoys a ride in her dog buggy, snarls at black labradors and has even swum with the geese at Riverside Park. 
  • MOGGY Katie was rescued from Second Chance in West End in 2008. She miaows to greet her family and squeaks just like a mouse!