They told us Brexit was done in January – “oven-ready”, done and dusted, end of... Yet even our own MP Caroline Nokes, whilst appearing on Channel 4 news this week, said “we are going to have Brexit done in a few weeks’ time.”

In 2016, Liam Fox MP told us that a free trade agreement with the EU would be "one of the easiest in human history.” It seems not.

Perhaps some readers might have moved on or bought into the oven-ready deal, but for those of us who are still deeply concerned about the consequences and impact of Brexit right in the middle of the worst pandemic in recent history, what does “done” actually mean?

For business owners, if Brexit means new rules – what are they? When do businesses get told and what do they need to do? Does “done” mean Theresa May’s deal, or Boris Johnson’s deal, or No Deal, i.e. the so-called Australian-style deal?

What should we expect: miles-long lorry queues in the southeast of England, or today’s latest news that UK police and law enforcement will lose access to key EU databases resulting in a ‘major operational impact'? Or what about the impact of Brexit with tariffs on UK agriculture, or hikes in food prices?

Vote Leave said in 2016, “Not only can Britain leave the EU and have access to the single market, we’d actually get a better deal”. Who believes that now? It seems more to me like Brexit Season 1 Episode 13 is “done”.

Sally Yalden