THE first sculpture to feature on next year's dolphin trail across Southampton has been revealed.

Created by city artist Nathan Evans, the dolphin will be displayed with 29 more next August.

He said the design, which incorporates the term 'Wisdom is Learning', is a visual interpretation of how the mammal communicates using soundwaves and clicks: echolocation.

And Charlie Langhorne, founder of public art events firm Wild in Art - a partner of the Discover Dolphins trail, hopes this and all the other sculptures "put a smile" back on the face of those in the city.

Daily Echo: Charlie LanghorneCharlie Langhorne

He said: "What we are doing is giving someone to opportunity to walk around a corner, bump into a sculpture and smile.

"The trail really is going to bring colour, creativity, laughter and smiles to the streets of Southampton next year.

"People will be able to see the work of artists and learn more about these amazing marine creatures.

"We know 2020 has been a difficult year, but next year let's get people smiling again."

The dolphins are not the first creature to take over the city.

Back in 2016, an army of ‘Zany Zebras’ stampeded onto the streets.

Three years before that, Go Rhinos descended on Southampton too.

But now these life-sized fibreglass dolphins will be on show on a brand new trail around the city.

Following the trail, as in previous years, the sculptures will auctioned off to raise money for charity, with UK-based marine wildlife charity Whale and Dolphin Conversation (WDC) to benefit this time around.

City council culture chief Satvir Kaur said that she can't wait to see the trail in the city.

"With our maritime connections, and with dolphins previously being seen in Southampton waters, it is only fitting we get to enjoy them on our streets as well," she said.

"It is also a great opportunity to support and showcase Southampton's artistic talent.

"As we sit here in second lockdown, lets have something to look forward to that celebrates Southampton.

"Let's come back bigger, brighter, and definitely more colourful."