A PUB, in partnership with several organisations, is set to host a free Christmas lunch event for elderly members of its community.

The Good Companion, on Leigh Road, Eastleigh will be hosting the events over two days to treat 60 people, many of whom haven’t been able to go out at all this year due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The event is being run in partnership with local charity, One Community, who are picking up and delivering the 60 attendees to and from the pub.

Eastleigh BID are also providing Christmas gifts for the attendees, as well as helping to serve food and drink on the day.

The cost of providing the free food and drink is being covered in full by the pubs brewery, Star Pubs & Bars Limited.

Daniel Morgan who is landlord at the pub, along with his partner Claire, said: “It’s a group of vulnerable OAP’s who have been self isolating for most of the year.

“We’ll giving them their lunch socially distanced and we’re also going to do a Christmas quiz.

“It’s just about being part of the community which has never been more important than right now.”

The date for the events has not yet been decided but the plan is to run it at some point in December once restrictions are eased.

All staff at the pub have volunteered to work the two days with no pay and Mayor of Eastleigh, Councillor Darshan Mann is also said to be making an appearance.

Jean Roberts-Jones from One Community said: “We’re very concious that there are a number of people who are on their own and haven’t been able to get and about so it’s nice that we can offer them something positive.”

Teresa Swann from Eastleigh BID said: “We’ve helped in many things like this and it’s about getting involved with the community and being out their to help the people and the businesses.

“To help with something like this is fantastic.”