INTERNS at Eastleigh College have benefitted from advice given in a visit from an employment and skills expert.

Lea Hampton, Employment and Skills manager with Eastleigh Borough Council is said to be working to promote awareness of where there are skills shortages and encourage the development of skills.

Lea delivered the interactive presentation to over 30 learners at the college.

She is also a champion of the borough’s One Horton Heath initiative, a new development, focusing its approach on people, place making and large-scale environmental improvement.

Lea said: “Part of my role is to support both young people and adults already in careers on their career journeys, by providing labour market information, training and other learning opportunities, and knowledge of where the local job needs are likely to be in the short and medium term.

“As someone who works in the community, it is great to be able to meet and talk with learners and find out about the industry-focused training that is available locally.”

Lead job coach at the college Liz Wright said the interns gained a lot from the visit and said it was "uplifting" to welcome a speaker on campus when most learning is currently online.