A VIRTUAL exhibition is being used to consult residents on development near to them.

Fareham Borough Council's traditional meetings are not possible currently due to coronavirus restrictions.

Because of this, the new virtual exhibition is being used to still reach as many residents as possible and consult them on the Local Plan for the area.

Details about how to take part in the consultation have been distributed to houses across the Borough in the Council’s magazine ‘Fareham Today’, which is also available online.

Councillor Seán Woodward said: "It is really important for residents to have their say on our proposed approach to development across the Borough.

"This virtual exhibition is a first for us and I hope that it will allow people that can’t usually attend a meeting because of other commitments to take the time to look through the evidence and have their say."

The virtual exhibition platform features a welcome video, a guide, a presentation setting out the proposed approach to the Publication Local Plan, an interactive map, links to supporting evidence, a timeline showing the Council’s progress and contact details for arranging to speak to a Planning Officer.

It can be accessed through the Fareham Borough Council website.