A COLLEGE has confirmed another eight positive tests for Covid-19 amongst its students.

Eastleigh College staff say they were made aware of the cases at midday on Thursday.

In a statement on the college's website, they claim that in seven of the cases, there has been "possible transmission linked to attendance at the College".

This comes after the college put a statement out last week confirming four new coronavirus cases.

Two staff members have been asked to self isolate, as well as two learner groups.

The students will switch to remote learning for a minimum period of one week as a "precaution" whilst they are unable to attend physically.

In the statement on the college website, it says: "Through our seating and group plans we have been able to quickly identify any learners who were in proximity to the affected learners and all identified learners have been contacted in advance of this information being posted online and through social media.

"The College has also made contact with the parents, guardians or carers of these individuals where they are under 18, or under 25 and have an Education Health and Care Plan.

"Like other educational institutions we continue to follow government guidance with regards to responding to any infection."