ON BEHALF of all your regular 'Echo letters page' readers, I'd like to thank you for providing an image of your most prolific, anti--Brexit, anti Captain Tom Moore, well anti-everything (that doesn't agree with im) Echo letter page writers.

How very apt that this has happened because he sent his picture so it could be seen on you 'celebrity selfie' page.

Mr Grant, the people you were pictured with are the celebrities, just saying.

And how very apt that the occasion was the filming of Russ Abbot's Mad House.

We all know where we belong.

Sir Ricard Grant of Burley, please, please, carry on sending your ver long monologues to the letters page. It may disrupt, through space etc, other letter writers being able to get their contributions printed the same day as you, but we so look forward to your rantings and anti this and anti that.

By the way Brexit is happening. We may not all agree with it, let's just all move forward and leave it at that.

Meanwhile, in a funny sort of way I am looking forward to you r next 'novel'.

S JOnes