With a second lockdown in place, we are again spending most of their time at home.

With non-essential shops, pubs and restaurants shut until restrictions are eased, there isn't much to get out of the house for.

One activity that is not only allowed, but also good for social distancing, is walking.

Below are five of the best walks in and around Southampton:

Daily Echo:

1. Titanic Trail

Ever Since it left on its doomed maiden voyage on April 10, 1912, Titanic has been a big part of the cities history.

There are a number of memorials dedicated to the people who lost their lives onboard the famous ship.

This walk visits these memorials, as well as paying a visit to other historic sights.

It takes one hour 15 minutes and visits the Civic Centre, as well as St Joseph's Church, Bugle Street, where there is a plaque to the restaurant workers who died.

Daily Echo:

2. The Old Town Walls

This walk loops around the city centre, taking in the local history and sights.

It measures 3.9km, with a lot to keep you interested as you delve into the cities past.

There are over 90 listed buildings and more than 30 ancient monuments scattered around.

If you get thirsty or peckish on your walk, then fear not, as there are several places where you can stop to pick up a takeaway.

Daily Echo:

3. The Common

The largest of Southampton’s open spaces, the common's first written record dates back to 1228 although it is possible that the area’s status as a common dates back to around 500AD.

This walk is a 4.5km loop trail that offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city.

On offer is 326 acres of woodland, parkland, rough grassland, ponds, wetlands and nature trails as well as a Wildlife Centre.

The Common has several paths and cycle lanes for you to explore, with three lakes and a woods to explore.

Daily Echo:

4. Waterfront Walk

This walk takes about one hour, running from the Solent Sky Aviation Museum all the way to Mayflower Memorial.

Although most businesses are currently closed, the walk still offers a range of sights and unique spots to visit.

If you get tired and want to take a break, Mayflower Park is a good place to just sit down and watch the boats sail by.

Daily Echo:

5. Upper Southampton Walk

Starting at the Civic Centre and leading all the way up towards Southampton City Golf course, this is easily the longest walk on this list.

It is a great option if you want to take in other parts of the city, not just the town centre and waterfront.

Stretching for 5.6km, the walk takes about 3 hours to complete and is a good one for the weekend if you have nothing else to do.

There are many green spaces and attractions en route, as well as historical sights such as the Cenetaph and Titanic Memorial.