THE UK’s largest independent provider of business telecoms has teamed up with Fitbit to get Britain’s workers moving.

Hampshire-based Onecom will make Fitbit’s wearable fitness devices and dashboard software available to businesses at a discount – and employers can choose to further subsidise it for the use of their staff.

Organisations which sign up will receive full support from Fitbit, including the use of dashboard software which enables employers to manage wellness programmes and set team and individual challenges.

Emma Ward, head of partner marketing at Whitely-headquartered Onecom, said: “Fitbit’s wearable devices and software platforms make it easy for organisations to bring their people together in challenges that are fun and engaging to use and can have a transformative effect on productivity, morale and team ethos.

“The large businesses that we work with tell us that they are always looking for new ways of engaging with their people and supporting their physical and mental wellbeing.

“This is especially important at this time when so many are working remotely or splitting their time between home and the office.

“As a business that invests heavily in the health and wellbeing of our own people, we understand the challenges that employers of all sizes face, and how corporate wellness initiatives can make a real difference to the lives of staff and to their productivity and morale. We want to get Britain’s workers moving – and we are very excited to be bringing the benefits of the Fitbit platform to the organisations we work with.”

The partnership follows a recent Virtual Round Table hosted by Onecom in which leaders of organisations with staff numbers from 50 up to several thousand discussed the impact of Covid-19, including its impact on health and wellbeing. Fitness challenges were highlighted as an effective way of supporting, engaging and motivating employees.

Oneom customers can select the Fitbit they want and have it shipped to their homes. Organisations can partly or fully fund the cost to the employee.

Companies can set their own challenges or follow a 12-month engagement plan provided by Fitbit. Staff are kept informed and motivated through Fitbit’s mobile app.

Fitbit’s wellbeing programme is designed to lower stress, reduce absenteeism, increase creativity and improve staff retention. Its research found that 60 per cent of people felt more motivated when employers focused on physical and mental wellbeing, 31 per cent of customers reported an increase in productivity when employees felt happier, and 25 per cent saw a reduction in absenteeism and health-related spending.

Onecom employs 400 people at its headquarters in Whiteley and has regional offices in Shoeburyness, Leeds, Telford and Cardiff.


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