THIS 1969 Morris 1300 Automatic AD016 has a genuine mileage of just 25,000.

Gary Guthrie from Southampton is the careful third owner in its more than five decades of motoring.

"I bought the Morris because it was my second car when I was younger. It's not bad for a car over 50 years old," he told the Daily Echo. "It's my baby and I will never sell it."

The classic car enthusiast is also working on a 71 Triumph TR6 Classic, which should be ready next year.

But he'd really like an E Type Jaguar.

"I always wanted a Stag or TR6, which I have now, but if I win the lottery, I will buy an E Type. I served an apprenticeship on Jaguars and I always loved the look of the E Type, even when I was a boy."

A previous favourite classic car was an MGB Roadster, which Gary absolutely loved.

The petrolhead's family have always been supportive of his passion for cars.

Gary added: "They love my passion. My wife, who recently passed away, also encouraged me to keep buying and doing up classic cars and she loved to learn and watch me.

"When I was a lad my two brothers, who are only a year apart, had pictures on the bedroom wall of scantily clad ladies. Not me, I had pictures of Jaguars."

Gary, who has driven as far as Monaco in a car but all over Continental Europe for years as an HGV driver, doesn't think a car says a lot about its driver.

"My cars are classy and I am definitely not classy," he muses.

The car lover, who is currently resisting any temptation to go electric, likes to visit car shows in his spare time, particularly the events at Petersfield and Fordingbridge.

He enjoys driving some Welsh and Scottish routes.

"In the UK, I love the road that goes from the M56 to the A55 to Colwyn Bay, North Wales, Beautiful scenery. And the A75 from Carlisle to Stranraer again has beautiful scenery."

The BMC ADO16 range was Britain's best-selling car from 1963 to 1966 and from 1968 to 1971.

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