A SOUTHAMPTON mum has welcomed her second little miracle into the world, just two years after she was told chemotherapy would render her infertile.

Candice Butcher delivered little 5lbs 8oz Lillie Kathleen at Princess Anne Hospital two weeks ago.

She's a little sister for Vinnie, aged 16 months, who was also conceived, against all odds, while Candice was undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Both tots are being given lots of love by their besotted older sisters Grace, aged 11, and seven-year-old Sophia, as well as proud dad Jamie Pedder.

Candice, an accountant from Mansbridge, told the Daily Echo: "In 2018, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer so it already didn't look great and they put me on intensive chemo straight away. I was told it was highly unlikely I would ever have other children.

"I then had a mastectomy and, during radiotherapy, I felt really poorly. I was so worried the cancer had spread, but it turned out I was nearly four months pregnant with Vinnie.

"That was against all odds and I certainly didn't think it would happen twice. I just didn't think for a minute it could happen again, but then Lillie came along!

"It's all been a massive rollercoaster. But we're all still plodding on and we're all alright, which is all that matters.

"They're my little miracles and I love them to bits."

Candice was given the all clear from cancer just before Vinnie was born in the summer of 2019, but still has regular check ups with her oncologist, particularly considering she has been pregnant or had a new baby pretty much ever since.

She will also have to have a further mastectomy and a hysterectomy next year after discovering she has the breast cancer gene.

Candice and Jamie, who had to cancel previously arranged weddings in Edinburgh and Southampton due to Candice's illness and the pandemic, will make a third attempt to get married on December 12.