A GYMNASTICS club in Romsey has lost nearly £1,000 after it was targeted twice in three months by hooligans.

It is believed criminals used crowbars to pry open three fire doors at Starlight Trampoline and Gymnastics Club, Greatbridge Road, on Monday, causing £600 worth of damage, before stealing £250 in cash.

This comes after the club just finished fundraising to pay for two broken fire doors after vandals descended on the building on August 23.

Now, welfare officer, Kelda Lay, has warned the club could remain shut for a week after the second lockdown is finally lifted while repairs are underway.

Kelda said: "The break-in happened on Monday and they managed to get into the gym this time through our fire doors, where they found our petite cash tin and our raffle pot, which had £250 in total.

"The alarm system rang Sheryl's [the owner] phone at 4 in the morning, so she leapt out of bed to see what had happened at the club and called the police.

"We can see from our CCTV they broke in using crowbars, so it seems they were planning on doing it. You don't walk around casually with a crowbar.

"I just don't know why these people think we have a lot of money. We are a charity and it is just devastating to have this happen again."

The 42-year-old added the break-in could not have come at a worse time, stressing the club has already shelled out £10,000 for a new boiler after it broke down in September.

She said: "We have not been able to hold our two big fundraisers this year because of coronavirus, so anything we have managed to raise all year went on the new boiler.

"I am going to email all of the parents to try and raise some money because we don't want to be closed for any longer than we have to be.

"The children have already missed a month of training and the competition season starts at the end of January, so this is just another kick in the teeth."

Kelda added the club may not open until the week starting Monday, December 7, but did say they would provide updates on their Facebook page.

She also said the public can donate to help the club reopen as quickly as possible.

To donate, follow https://localgiving.org/charity/starlight-crew/.

A spokesperson from Hampshire police said: "Anyone with any information about the incident to please call PC Natasha Rawlings on 101 quoting the RMS number: 44200454308."