A COUPLE have been left disappointed and frustrated after no action has been taken to resolve a constant flooding problem that has been going on for ‘more than 12 years’.

Alan and Theresa Booth, who live on Upper Northam Road, Hedge End, say they get the flooding every time there is torrential rain.

The cause of the flooding is said to be a blocked drain on the road outside their home that has tree roots inside it, but despite their efforts to get in touch with Hampshire County Council, they say nothing has been done.

The flooding is so bad that the couple have to build a wall of bricks every time they get heavy rain to stop the water coming inside.

Alan Booth, a retired engineering manager, said: “A few weeks ago we had some heavy rain, and we were out there, brushing all the water way.

“It rises so much that it goes through the bricks and in under our floors inside.

“We’ve totally renovated the property and spent all our retirement money on it.

“We had brand new flooring which has now all swollen up with water, so I have had to repair everything myself, and I don’t feel like I should have to do that.”

Alan and his wife have been in touch with MPs and councillors for years to try and get some action, but to no avail.

Alan added: “I’ve had enough of it now, if they just unblocked the drain, the rain would go away.

“If we didn’t pay council tax for a month they would be on our case, but we pay the charges to maintain our services.

“I’m really just totally disappointed and frustrated that they’re not doing their job as it’s their responsibility, but they just don’t listen to us.”

Eastleigh MP, Paul Holmes says he has been in touch with the county council to get this problem addressed.

He said: “Flooding is an issue in parts of Hedge End and with all the new development being brought forward, it is essential our drainage systems are well maintained and working properly.”

Hampshire County Council was approached for comment, but was unable to respond before the Echo went to press.