INTRUDERS who gained unauthorised access to the roof of Southampton’s tallest building have been branded ‘selfish’ by a local MP.

Four people were pictured on top of residential building Moresby Tower in Ocean Village around 4pm on Sunday by a member of the public.

Images show the group sitting on the edge of the building and appearing to take photos of each other.

Daily Echo:

The agent for the building’s owner confirmed the incident and said it is currently unclear how the group managed to get through coded digital locks to access the building’s roof.

Leila Manzi, Regional Manager of Regional Management Group Ltd said: “We were alerted to an incident yesterday whereby the building concierge staff had to remove individuals who had gained unauthorised access to the building by climbing over fencing and forcing a door which is not in use and is temporarily blocked off.

“It is currently unclear how the individuals accessed the roof as the only access way has coded digital locks.

“Nevertheless we are arranging for more frequent inspections of the area along with other security measures.”

Ms Manzi said police were contacted twice but did not attend.

Daily Echo:

Conservative MP for Southampton Itchen, Royston Smith, condemned the behaviour, describing the perpetrators as ‘selfish.’

He said: “It is incredibly foolish and dangerous behaviour.

“They are endangering not just themselves but others too.

“These actions are neither brave or entertaining.”

Daily Echo:

Labour councillor for Bargate, John Noon said: “This incident is very concerning and I do welcome the tightening up of security by the building management.

He added: “Being private property it is difficult for the police to get involved, perhaps the building management should take civil action against the trespassers.”

The Echo contacted Hampshire Constabulary for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.