The coronorvirus vaccine, which is 95% effective, is also an answer to prayer.

People have been praying long and hard for God to show His grace yet again and the roll out of the vaccine is a perfect example of that.

I know of gospel halls that have been open for prayer during the pandemic and this in itself has provided lots of opportunities for prayer too.

As a result, people prayed for our leaders and people on the frontline and grace has been given.

However, this grace is only available for a period of time unknown to anyone.

Which is exactly why, even though we all fall short of the glory of God, there is still time as I write for anyone to repent and come into a personal relationship with Him because, Mark my words, even the beginning of sorrows is going to be far more global and far more deadly than anything ever seen to date - even Coronavirus!

Yet there is a way out at the rapture of the church that is 100% effective,

It will happen in the twinkling of an eye, the dead shall rise first and disciples of Jesus Christ will follow and whilst the world shall plunge into tribulation, disciples of Christ will be blessed in a land flowing with milk, honey and the company of our Heavenly Father.

Geoffrey Brooking