THE Great Fire of London may have been extinguished in 1666, but it was reignited recently at Kanes Hill Primary School.

Year 1 children at the school in Thornhill had a superb afternoon recreating the blaze.

Models of Tudor houses were arranged to recreate a London street in 1666. Children watched eagerly as the sparks took hold in the infamous bakery on Pudding Lane.

This fantastic opportunity to witness first-hand how the fire spread so quickly from house to house was made possible by the assistance of Mr Grove, the Trust Facilities Manager, and Mr Teesdale, the school Caretaker, who set fire to the houses after a thorough risk assessment.

Children explored fire safety and safely watched the fire ripping through the houses like it did back in 1666.

Executive Principal, Lisa Marshall, and Head of School, Katie O’Grady, joined the experience.

The topic has really engaged Kanes Hill learners from the beginning. Children have enjoyed learning about the historical event and what changes have been made since to stop this tragedy happening again. The children have had a visit from ‘Samuel Pepys’ as well as handling artefacts from the era.

Teachers Rachael Elliott, Frances Hampton and Emma Purdy told the Daily Echo: “Our little historians were in awe as the flames spread from house to house. They were very excited to see how quickly the fire engulfed their model street. Our children have been so fascinated by the topic and have acquired a lot of new knowledge as a result. They have truly been immersed in the most wonderful hands on experience that have created memories that will hopefully last forever.”

The Great Fire of London gripped the capital in September 1666.