I’VE JUST watched the news and feel utterly heart broken to hear record amounts of ponies / donkeys killed this weekend in the New Forest.

As there was another road closure and traffic diverted, this is obviously the reason why.

I can’t understand in such situations why emergency road side lighting isn’t provided to protect the animals?

I know it’s not allowed permanently but surely if anyone cares about the animals, famous for roaming in the New Forest, more should be done to protect them the moment a road is closed and diverted?

The highways agency manage the roads safely after an accident etc. so why can’t they put some flashing or temporary lights down on the forests critical roadsides when this happens?

Maybe the idiots driving too fast might then be deterred from killing the poor ponies that many of us from the local area have come to love.

Or perhaps the police could put more signage up and a couple of their mobile speed cameras they park on various locations where people tend to speed?

The roads are too dark anyway, but please give the animals a chance at night and do more to highlight this from regularly happening?


Kirsty Ellis