I admit at the moment aeroplanes flying in and out of Bournemouth Airport are fewer than usual.

But that does not give them, the excuse to fly low over Burley.

If they get any closer to the ground, they would land on Burley Golf Course.

The flight path is meant to be the open area between Brockenhurst and Sway and onto Holmsley.

Not the eastern edge of Burley Village. In other words about a mile away.

The New Forest is meant to be protected, and is of course a National Park.

I get the impression because BCP now starts at Hinton Admiral, that Authority now think they have the right to destroy the Countryside of the New Forest. Which is in Hampshire not Dorset.

We have a local MP who consults his Bible for comfort and still believes that Covid 19 is not of much concern. He would reintroduce hunting given the opportunity.

We are not now given support from the EU on any regulations, and possibly that will include flight paths.

I have known people to sell up in Burley due to the aeroplanes.

Speaking for myself, I don't see why I should be driven out by any airport, miles away.

Before anyone suggests they were there before me. No they won't. Not in their present day use.

Hurn was an airfield.

In the meantime Southampton/Eastleigh, want to extend their runway.

Supported by the Conservative MP for Southampton.

Richard Grant