I HAVE heard of the proposed car park charges in Totton.

This will kill the local shops.

At a time when we are encouraged to shop local, while the retail sector and hospitality sector suffer massive job losses, you seem to think this a good idea?

I totally disagree. If you want to control parking.

Offer sensible parking hours for free and patrol the car parks to ensure that no abuse of the free time is allowed.

We know also that this will just encourage street parking and more risk to people crossing the road and children getting hurt, as well as upsetting local residents who contribute to the council funding.

For me there are additional consequences for myself as I work in Totton and will now impact my earnings and desire to go to the town.

I also help with the annual Totton family fun day for example running a park and ride to and from the centre of Totton to Testwood recreation ground.

This planned charging will force people to not park in the car parks where we collect and return them to, but onto the street parking and all the additional impact that will have to the community.

Please reconsider your proposal. Defer definitely for a year.

Or maybe bring it in line with government plans in 2030 to reduce the combustion engine emissions by offering electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles free parking and a charge for others.

In summary now is not the time.

Name ad address supplied