A SOUTHAMPTON woman attacked four police officers who were called to an altercation.

Phoebe Starr bit one officer and headbutted another during an incident on September 19, a court heard.

The bite is said to have broken the officer’s skin while another suffered a bruised nose.

According to police, officers were flagged down and called to reports of an altercation in Bullar Road.

The 23-year-old of Queen’s Terrace who was “under the influence” at the time was charged with four counts of assaulting an emergency worker to which she pleaded guilty.

Mitigating, solicitor, Nigel Cozens said the event was a complete one-off and her first recollection was when she woke up in the police cell.

He argued that something similar would not happen again and hoped Starr would never return to court.

During sentencing at Southampton Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday, District Judge Richard Blake said the assaults were serious and crossed the custody threshold.

However, the offences were “wholly out of character”.

District Blake jailed her for 12 weeks, suspended for 12 months. He suspended the sentence citing tragic events during her teenage years.

She must pay £700 in compensation AND complete 20 days of rehabilitation which will include drink awareness activities.

Judge Blake’s closing statement was “I am sure we will not meet again”.