The memories of lost loved-ones will continue to shine bright this Christmas as part of the Daily Echo-backed annual Tree of Light appeal.

The charity Communicare aims to eradicate loneliness in Southampton

Their Christmas campaign allows people to sponsor lights on a tree to remember lost loved-ones and raise funds for their vital service. 

Despite Covid restrictions, which meant that the switch on ceremony took place virtually this year, over 80 people and groups sponsored lights on the tree. 

Daily Echo:

Watch the virtual switch on ceremony, attended by the Mayor of Southampton Sue Blatchford - here.

Here is the list of those names on the Communicare Tree of Light:

Jane Davies remembers "all who have no-one to remember them"

Louise Taylor remembers Robin Taylor

Christine Evans remembers Barrie, Mum, Dad, Herbert, Ruth, Betty

Ann Sammit remembers Victor Sammit, Elizabeth, Herbie and Ken Hampton, Lilian and Arch Nash

Stella Thompson remembers Edna and Bob Dean

Mum, Dad, Angela Archie, Monty, Fiona and family remembers Ralph Page

Anushka Ponniah remembers Benadict Pillai, Joyce Wier, Romeo and Maria Maskeren and the Goans

Jean Mason remembers  Una Hooper, Hazel Butler, Brian Mason, Dennis Catherin

Gill Yeates remembers John Yeates, Gladys Truckel, Janice Truckel

Jean Lewis remembers Philip Moody

Anne Jerrim remembers Wally Jerrim

Anushka Ponniah remembers Peter and Rocky Davidson, Leanna Hoyland and Brian Gardener

John Duncan remembers Terry Gerraro and Margaret Prince

Hazel Bracher remembers John Kenneth Bracher

Marion Corneby remembers John Corneby and Karen Lesley Mitchell

Jacqueline Emerton remembers Richard Emerton

Ian Powis remembers Roy Starbuck

Doreen Powis remembers Roy Starbuck

Barbara  Guthrie remembers all those alone this Christmas

Wendy Bathard remembers Len and Queenie Bathard

Audrey Pitches  remembers Charles and Irene Feaver, Peter Yea, June Martin, Valerie and Neil Couzins, Ralph Feaver

Brenda Kemp remembers Len Roberts

Jean Wilson remembers Ian Wilson, Elsie and Ernie Booth, Denis and Dorothy Howarth, Chris Nicholson

Maralyn Burt and family remembers Gladys Burt, Ron Burt and Lou

Marian Doe remembers May Barnes and James Barnes

Matthew Dear-Pike remembers Allen Dear

Rick and Angela Tapp remembers granddaughter Sarah and our Mums and Dads

Rosemary Badham remembers  Desmond (George) and Doreen Hill

Marcelle Thorn Robert, Jackie and Grandchildren remembers Jack and Ethel Hale and Barry Thorn

Tracey  Beckerleg remembers Margaret Hancocks, Norah Beckerleg, Hugh Beckerleg, Vera Tapley, Alan Tapley

Elizabeth Cleverley remembers  John and Ina Bishop, Susie and Walter Mason, Harriet Cleverley

Joyce Boddy remembers Raymond Boddy

Yates Family remembers Eileen Yates, Charlie Yates, Pop Yates, Maisie Gentle

Bridget O'Donnell remembers Hugh O'Donnell

Susan Seal remembers Joan Bennett

Anushka Ponniah remembers Podrite Murphy, Dame Vera Lynn and Dame Barbara Windsor

Janet Muriel  Dean remembers  Christopher Michael Dean, Peter Mervin Dean

Gill Spratt remembers Ernest Greenwood, Ada Greenwood, Janet Bell, Beryl Spratt

Carol Medcalf remembers Bertie George Colborne, Joyce Dora Colborne

Valerie  Robertson remembers Don Robertson and Ashley Robertson

Clare Challis remembers Ted Challis and Joyce Challis

Irene Sayers remembers Frank Sayers

Anushka Ponniah remembers Pauline Crane, Sirimavo Bandaranaike and Sean Connery

Frances Heather remembers Rose Ellen Cutler, Frank Edward Thomas Cutler, Paul Heather and Joan Heather

Annette Way remembers Bryan Way

Richard Maria, Anthony and Natalie remembers Audrey Boys

Andrew and Rosemary  Coombs remembers Mervyn Coombs

Valerie  Fox remembers Arthur Fox, Bernard Hembry, Connie Hembry

Carolyn Renault remembers Stanley and Anne Renouf, Peter Renault

Anushka Ponniah remembers Judy Brown, Dr Anula Nikapota, Allan and Sally West

Lynda Giles remembers David Giles

Patti Rogers and 'the gang' remembers  John and Margaret Jamieson

Susan Fracz remembers Mr G E Pengilley

Anne Clewlow and family remembers David Burks, Asha Gouget, Fiona Shephard, Helen Giachardi

Joan Burks remembers David Burks and Asha Gouget

Audrey Shephard remembers Fiona Shephard, Helen Giachardi

Lindsey Fraser   remembers Helen Giachardi, Fiona Shephard, Matilda Levett-Giachardi

John      Taylor   remembers Edna and Ron

Paul Harris remembers Lynne Margaret Harris

Anushka Ponniah remembers Chevalier M.B., Madame Prema Dissanayake and George and Agnus Ponniah

Sylvia Hutchinson remembers John Hutchinson

Violet    Noyce remembers Edna and Edwin Wells

Maureen Kimber remembers Eve Kimber and Elena Kimber

Chris Pearce and family remembers Jackie Pearce

Beverley Pearce and family remembers Owen Dawkins

Anushka Ponniah remembers Indrika Koralage, Bill Burke, Collette Clarke and Bridie Myles

Alastair Pearce and family remembers Fishy

G Griffiths remembers Edith Stanley and Vida Abbott

Bryony  Sawers and family remembers David Daw

Anushka Ponniah remembers Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Saints and Angels

Kevin Sawers and family remembers Graham Moody

Mike Garlick remembers Heidi and Ben Garlick

Kate Laver remembers  David Sandhu

Tara Broad remembers Jamie Dilworth

Carol Pollard remembers Alison Finney and Frank Finney

Anne Downer and family remembers Michael Downer

Greg White remembers Lee Hall

Mary Miguel  and Kate Laver remembers Patricia Brindle

Maryelizabeth   Shaw remembers Avis Forbes

Mandy  Marczylo remembers Peggy James, John Marczylo, Chris Gosling and Margaret Marczylo

Rita Hale remembers Mark Hale and Martin Hale

Elizabeth Johnson remembers Barry Alan Johnson